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Hi, its TheRealDanica and I am sick and tired of my mom telling me what to do cause the things that she is telling me to do I don’t have interest in. When I look back in my life, I have never hurt anyone or plan to do anything and my mother always says that I can’t do anything for myself and it hurts. I know u guys know that I am a youtube partner, vlogger, Singer-Songwriter and a rapper. Do u guys know that my mom don’t believe or think that I am? Yea, I know what u all are going to say cause I was so shocked that my own mother don’t know who I am. And another thing, she also keep telling me to clean up the house which I did all the damn time. The place is so shine that I can see my reflection and she keep going on and telling me to clean. There is more to life than just that. I am not saying that we shouldn’t clean our house cause we should do that. It is apart of life. Here is thing guys, don’t let anyone tell u what to do especially the older ones from 21 through 29. You control ur own life no one else should. You should determine who u are and focus on your life cause let me tell u something my mother always quarrel, telling me what job I should take, telling me to go bathe and going on and on. So what I am saying is do not allow people to run ur life and telling u this and that. If u know God wants u to follow ur dreams and do something u love, go for it. There is no one stopping u. Before I go, I just want to say to all the fans and new fans, my life is a total mess and I have been struggling and taking crap from my own mother. I do love her alot but she is overdoing it too much so yea guys. I am glad to be partnered with Fullscreen but thing is at home, I have it hard when I mean hard. Very hard. I don’t have a laptop to do my job. I only use my phone because my mom doesn’t believe in me or support me in anything so now this is my story.

Finished filming a haul video

Finished filming a haul video

Editing the first video. About to film second video

Apr 20, 2014 | by danicarapstar on Keek.com

On my way home from church

On my way home from church

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My mom never supports me

Hi guys, its ur girl, rapstar danica known as TheRealDanica and I want to tell u more about me.
In my videos years ago I put out music, vlogs, radio shows and more in the year 2009, I prayed to God asking him that I want to be able to share my talents with the world so he gave me a miracle which was this: On myspace in 2010, I posted up new songs I did on my own and a record label in the UK reached out to me through email telling me that they love all my songs I recorded and posted. I thought it was a joke but it was really real cause I looked up the name and researched it and I was shocked so the email says: I love ur songs and I will love to signed u and work with u. I want u to fly here so we can talk about ur future plans with us. When I read the email I screamed and I was so excited so I told my mom about it which was the biggest mistake of my life. U know what my mom says to me that it is not real after I looked it up and researched it to make sure it was legit and it really was so here is what happened. Because of her, I end not taking it which was the wrong decision I made and from then I regret not taking it and also God gave me another chance which was Sony Music Entertainment in LA, California and I met the producer and she was willing to work with me and guess what, I told my mom about it and I started to cry and cry asking God why is my mom doing this. I figured out why she did it and it was she never support my entertainment career and I feel like giving up so I tell myself no danica don’t let ur mom come between u and ur dreams so now in the year 2014, I partnered with Fullscreen which was the best thing I have ever done in my life so I kept vlogging and vlogging. Then I told my mom about it so now guys, do u know what my mither said again? She doesn’t support me in the entertainment industry but the thing is God knows I am great in giving advices, fashion, beauty and so much more so now my mom doesn’t give a damn about me, my decisions. She always tell me to do child care, do this, do that and the thing is when I was a kid I told myself I want to entertain people and become famous. Since then God has been putting me through music, karaoke, singing on stage, being in a band, a drummer and from then I know I want to entertain people. My mom doesn’t really know what I want and what my decisions are. I tried to tell her but she never listen to me so yea and now she uses everything against me phone, tv, her laptop and food. I have a hp laptop for 6 years and it stops working and now I don’t have anything to do my vlogging on except for the phine I use. I upload my vlogs on my phone all the time. Thats why I can’t edit too much cause the phone doesn’t do too much cause I have an android phone, a samsung galaxy exhibit. The data always get full so I keep restarting it so I don’t have a better phone, no money to support myself, I can’t even buy food for myself. Sometimes my mom buy food and eat it right in front of me while I starve so yea. Also she has been bullying me all time even at home. She called me names and so does my sister and most of the times I don’t know what to do or say. I just sit in my room and cry everyday and sometimes I want to just give up on everything but God, my fans, bestfrieds and people who supports me keep me going. There is one last thing I want to say that will leave u emotional and sad. That is my mother always say mean stuff about me, call me names, most of the times I have to go to bed hungry and when I do my vlogs, I either do it in my room, my living room or anywhere in the house when she goes to work cause I feel happy to make great content for the audience and fans. Guys, I have never told u guys this cause I feel scared so something tell me to let out my pain. There is one thing that hurts me the most and that is, my mom yells at me and told me something racist about my bestfriend, Charles and I told him. Do u think I shouldn’t have told him or I should tell him? Cause I did and now my mom ruin my life. I can’t even get a second job because I saved my resume on her laptop and she refuses to give me and now I can’t do anything else. I don’t have no laptop to use. A whole 2 months without a laptop to use and now today, April 18, 2014, I am all alone in my room and I can’t even go out or anything cause my mom don’t even care about me any at all. I even got bullied even at home and my own mother did it so now my plan is to move to LA and live my life but for now I don’t have a family except for u guys who supports me alot. Thank you very much and Love u guys.

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